Expert Panel

Expert Panel Member(s)Organization/Title
Kelly Melvin, M.D., M.ED. (Chairperson)Marshall University/ General Psychiatry/Child & Adolescent Psychiatry
Lauren Swager, M.D., NCTTP (Vice Chairperson)West Virginia University/Child and Adolescent Psychiatrist
Jonathan Perle, Ph.D., ABPP (Vice Chairperson)West Virginia University/Clinical Child and Adolescent Psychologist, Director of Telepsychology
Alesha Heil, Pharm.D., MBA (Coordinator)Rational Drug Therapy Program/Pharmacist
Ayne Amjad, M.D., MPHFormer WVDHHR/Commissioner and State Health Officer, Bureau for Public Health
Tiffany BarnettMonongalia County Schools/Director of Student Services and Exceptional Student Education
James Becker, M.D.Marshall University/Family Medicine and WVDHHR-BMS/Medical Director
Ron Carico Jr, Pharm.D., MPHMarshall Health/Clinical Pharmacist
Norman Cottrill, D.O., FAAPMarshall University/Pediatrician
David Didden, M.D.WV Department of Health/West Virginia Office of Maternal, Child and Family Health Medical Director for Overdose Prevention
Beth Emrick, M.D., FAAPMarshall University/Developmental Behavioral Pediatrician
Michael GoffWest Virginia Prescription Drug Monitoring Program, Administrator
Angela Hayes, NCSPMonongalia County Schools/Coordinator of Psychological Services
Expert Panel Member(s)Organization/Title
James Jeffries, MSWV Department of Health/Office of Maternal, Child, and Family Health, Director
Kevin Junkins, M.D.Community Care of West Virginia/Psychiatrist
Amanda Kyriakopoulos, Pharm.D.Rational Drug Therapy Program/Academic Detailer Pharmacist
Jennifer Ludrosky, Ph.D.West Virginia University/Pediatric Psychologist
Patti Malone, M.D., FAAPCardinal Pediatrics/Pediatrician
Teresa Marks, MSWV Department of Health/Division of Infant, Child, & Adolescent Health, Director
Mediatrix Mbamalu, M.D.West Virginia University/Developmental Behavioral Pediatrician
Jessica McColley, D.O.Cabin Creek Health Systems/Family Medicine
Andrea OwensKanawha City Elementary/Teacher-Elementary Education
Jeff Priddy, M.D.Prestera Center/Psychiatrist
Pamela Rodriguez DNP, APRN, FNP-CWVU/SON Faculty
William Scott Thomas, M.D.New Creek Family Medicine/Family Medicine & Psychiatry
Brian Thompson, Pharm.D.Formerly WVDHHR-BMS/WV Medicaid, Director of Pharmacy Services
Chedella WareSocial Worker /WV Children’s Home
Chantel Weisenmuller, Ph.D.West Virginia University Charleston/Clinical Psychologist
Angie Wowzcuk, Pharm.D., BCPS, AAHIVERational Drug Therapy Program, Director

General disclaimer:
This content is not intended to address all possible diagnosis methods, treatments, follow up, drugs or their related contraindications or side effects. Standards of practice change as new data becomes available. Therefore, it is strongly recommended that practitioners independently assess and verify diagnosis, treatments and drugs for each individual patient. The authors of the WV ACC guidelines assume no liability for any aspect of treatment administered by a practitioner with the aid of this publication.

Drug disclaimer:
The authors do not endorse or recommend the use of any particular drug mentioned in this publication. Before prescribing a new drug to a patient, practitioners are advised to check the product information accompanying each drug to ensure it is appropriate for a specific patient and to identify appropriate dosage, contraindications, side effects and drug-to-drug interactions.

Standard of care disclaimer:
This publication is not intended to establish a standard of care applicable to practitioners who treated patients diagnosed with ADHD. “Standard of care” is a legal term, not a medical term, which refers to the degree of care a reasonable practitioner would exercise under the same or similar circumstances. The standard of care is a continuum and does not imply optimal care. Practitioner discretion and clinical judgment are paramount and this publication is only intended to aid practitioners’ judgment, not to serve as a substitute for said judgment.